Functions and characters

1 It has two parts,one is both sides detecting panels ,the other is main control equipment.
2 It is so sensitive that can even detect a coin. But it sill can detect things like big pieces of metal, knives, guns and other forbidden items, and exclude the impact of belt buckles, shoes, bras etc.
3 There are LED lights on both front sides of the door panels,they can accurately display the zone which the forbidden object is in.
4 Information will be recorded and shown on the LED front panel such as the number of passes,times of alarm etc.
5 Global exclusive shockproof design.
6 The detecting panel use import fireproof material,ABS,waterproof membrane and aluminium alloy pillar. So it is fireproof ,moisture proof and won’t warp.
7 The alarm volume could be adjusted according to different occasions.
8 It has more than 16 frequency bands which could be adjusted manually or automatically to avoid co-channel interference,that means more than 100 detectors can work well side by side without disturbing each other.
9 It has RJ45 interface,and could be connected to the system such as computer,monitoring system and channel management system.(Optional)

Echnical parameters

Voltage 110V~220V AC 50/60Hz
Power 25 W
N.W. 62 KGS
G.W. 69 KGS
Outer Dimension 2220mm(H)*820mm(W)*610mm(D)
Inner Dimension 2000mm(H)*700mm(W)*610mm(D)
Work Environment indoor or outdoor
Water Proof IP55
Work Temperature -20oC~ +65oC