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Regal Security is concerned about the efficiency and level of productivity of its officers. It is a results-driven Agency. However, results do not come on their own; there are actions that need to be taken so that our aspirations can become a reality. As a Firm, we are not oblivious of this fact. Once an officer is employed, the Human Resource Department tells them their job descriptions. They are placed into a unit and must report to a supervisor. This is to promote accountability and sense of discipline among the officers. The Agency does not cordon laziness. Officers must give report of their activities always.

Job Scope

Job scope has to do with the specific duties of each officer. One way any organisation can avoid confusion or complacency on the part of its employees is to clearly define the roles of every worker. This is what we have done at Regal Security. Highlighted below are the professional requirements of each officer:


Security Officer (SO):  This officer is to protect the lives and property at the premises they are assigned to. The officer’s presence must be felt at the location at all times so as to be able to detect crime, stop terrorism and put an end to all forms of illegalities. He is to guard, patrol and screen people on the site. He is to also attend to people’s questions.

  • Attending to questions from visitors
  • Conduct of general security screening
  • Conduct of security patrol
  • Protecting the premises
  • Performing access control function
  • Responding to incidents and emergencies

Senior Security Officer (SSO):  The main job of the SSO is to protect lives and property at assigned location. Eloquent in communication and evidently truthful, the SSO must ensure that there are no illegal activities going on within the premises. He is to operate the security systems at the site and conduct surveillance at the command centre.

  • Assisting the law enforcement agencies
  • Answering of visitors’ enquiries
  • Operation of installed security devices
  • Responding to incidents and emergencies
  • Regulation of traffic

Security Supervisor (SS):  The primary job of the Security Supervisor is to help the Senior Security Supervisor in providing leadership for the security team. This officer is to compile incident reports and also attend to medical incidents. S/he monitors the security team and ensures that they give their best to the work. S/he also serves as the liaison officer as he works with other units for overall success of the Agency.

  • Direct involvement in evacuation plan
  • Training of security officers
  • Briefing of the security team
  • Provision of guide to security officers
  • Handling of medical incidents
  • Gives needed information for case management
  • Supervision of security personnel during security surveillance

Senior Security Supervisor (SSS):  The SSS is to help the Chief Security Officer in the day-to-day running of the Agency. S/he deploys officers to the primary place of assignment and supervises them. S/he also works closely with the CSO or Operation Executive to map out plans for the Agency’s growth. The officer submits daily incident reports to the management.

  • Supervision of security personnel
  • Running of daily affairs of the Agency and deployment of officers
  • Forecasting of manpower needs with the CSO
  • Planning of daily rosters
  • Training of new staff
  • Preparing of relevant reports
  • Control of fire alarm panels
  • Administration of security systems in the Command Center

Chief Security Officer (CSO): The success of Regal Security rests on the CSO. S/he is to oversee all the activities going on in the Agency.  The CSO is to lead risk management activities with a view of enhancing organisational value and uplifting the brand’s reputation. S/he must ensure that security officers’ activities are in line with strategic organisational goals.

  • Enhances organizational value by leading operational risk management duties
  • Monitors the activities of security directors working for the Agency
  • Clearly defines the protection goals of each client to his officers
  • Ensures that the security policies of the Agency are in tandem with global standards
  • Must work with other executives to stabilize the Agency’s finances
  • Maintains cordial relationship with external security agencies
  • Oversees incident response and conducts investigations into security breaches
  • Work harmoniously with external consultants for auditing purpose

Operation Executive (OE): The Operations Executive must ensure the safety of all the clients under their charge. He is to constantly communicate with other officers on guard to ensure that everyone executes their jobs accordingly. The OE prepares the duty roster and attends to clients’ grievances. S/he will also brief officers on every given job. They must ensure that the security facilities on site are functional.

  • Protection of lives and safety
  • Briefing of officers
  • Planning of duty roster
  • Attending to clients’ complaints
  • Effectiveness of security tools
  • Briefing colleagues on the situation of things
  • Confirming security status of facilities

Operation Manager (OM): The OM is to assist other top officers in the daily running of the Agency. S/he involves in the deployment of officers to sites. The OM will also prepare roster for the officers under his watch and gives pieces of advice that can contribute to the growth of the Agency.

  • Assist in running of the Agency’s affairs
  • Planning of duty roster
  • Handling of complaints relating to operations
  • Advising management on ways to move the Agency forward
  • Training of security officers
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Carrying out investigations and preparations of reports
  • Supervising officers and meeting up with clients
  • Attending meetings and contributing to organizational goals

Concierge: The concierge must work tirelessly to protect the reputation of the premises assigned. They are to answer phone or email enquiries from potential guests professionally and maturely. Show respect to guests on their arrival and make them feel loved. They are to promptly respond to guests’ request all through their stay in the building. They are to also keep everywhere clean and tidy. The concierge must keep inventories of supplies and serve as liaison between guests and other units

  • Responding to enquiries from potential guests
  • Make guests and visitors feel at home
  • Offering help to guests to ease their stay
  • Tidy guest spaces at all times
  • Acting as liaison between guests and other units
  • Thinking ahead of guests
  • Maintaining inventories of supplies
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  • Must be 18 and above
  • Possess a valid PLRD Security license (WSQ – Provide Guard & Patrol Services, WSQ-Handle Security Incidents and Services and WSQ – Recognize Terrorist Threat/ Threat Observation)
  • Company Sponsorship for Relevant WSQ Courses can be arranged with Bond of Employment of up to 1 Year
  • Able to stand for long hours and able to perform Outdoor Traffic Control work
  • Willing to work in an outdoor environment
  • Able to read and write simple English
  • No experience is required as on-site training will be provided
  • Able to work in rotation shift (5 days work week, Day or Night, 7am to 7pm or 8pm to 8am)
  • Relevant experience in similar capacity would be an advantage
  • Positive attitude

Current Openings

Watt Wha – 1 SO
Clifford Center - 01 SSO
Tampines Plaza - 03 SO


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